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The Man of God will faithfully serve God, and by so doing, to labor for the salvation of his soul and those souls entrusted to his care.  This objective is the very goal of a man's life and is well summarized by the Latin word "Serviam" ("I will serve").

What's Happening Now!

“MOG taught me not only how weak I was, but how strong I can become with some basic tools and guidance. MOG boot camp and weekly classes has put me on a definite... READ MORE

MOG Rifleman’s Training

June 10th, 2017 Time: TBA Purpose: 1) essential rifle skills including NPOA (Natural Point of Aim), using a sling effectively in order to improve accuracy and precision, shooting positions, etc. and 2) a better understanding... READ MORE

M.O.G Combat Training

A weekly study of the Perfect Man, Jesus Christ as seen through the Holy Gospels. This training will help to form each man to be "a good soldier of Christ Jesus" (II Tim 2:3)... READ MORE